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hw1 - “#include<iostream>” Error 2 The and...

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Problem 1 a) x4= 13.44 b)x4= -1.14953 c) x4= 15.3349 d) x4= 5.15971 e) c= 3 f) c= 0 g) c= 1 h) b=2 i) x2=2 Problem 2 net$- cant use a $ sign 4xx- must start with a letter Final- h- uses a dash high score- uses a space Problem 3 a) x= pow((h-2),(1/3)) b) z= (m+3)/cos(n) c) c= pow((pow(a,2)+pow(b,2)),.5) d) x1= (-b-pow(pow(b,2)-4*a*c,.5))/(2*a) e) y= (tan(x)/(17*x))+exp(x) Problem 4 Error 1. “include<iostream>” should be
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Unformatted text preview: “#include <iostream>” Error 2. The [ and ] bracket should be { and } Error 3. “doub total;” should be “double total” Error 4. “ int n should have a “ ; ” after it. Should be int n; Error 5. “3.1^total” should be written as pow(3.1,total); Error 6. The cout>> dashes should be faced to the left (cout<<)...
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