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Chapter1 - Chapter 1 Forensic Psychology Forensic anything...

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3.10.4 Chapter 1 – Forensic Psychology Forensic – anything pertaining or potentially pertaining to law, both civil and criminal I) Forensic Psychology – (1) the research endeavor that examines aspects of human behavior directly related to the legal process and (2) the professional practice of psychology within, or in consultation with, a legal system that embraces both civil and criminal law. II) Types of Forensic Psychologies (various sub-areas of forensic psychology are not mutually exclusive): a. Police Psychology – the research and application of psychological principles and clinical skills to law enforcement and public safety. i.Ex – assist police in developing psychological profiles of serial offenders as well as commit psychological autopsies; establish reliable and valid screening procedures for law enforcement officer positions; train police officers on how to deal with mentally ill citizens. b. Psychology of Crime and Delinquency – the science of the behavioral and mental processes of the adult and juvenile offender.
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