Chapter3 - 3-17-04 I) II) Chapter 3 Investigative...

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3.17.4 Chapter 3 – Investigative Psychology I) Investigative Psychology – the application of psychological research and principles to the investigation of criminal behavior II) Profiling – requires sketching the significant psychological and demographic features of a person a. Criminal Profiling – the process of identifying personality traits, behavioral tendencies, geographical location, and demographic or biographical descriptors of an offender based n characteristics of the crime i.Primary goal is to narrow the field of possible suspects to a reasonable number b. Dynamic and Static Risk Factors in Prediction : i.Dynamic Risk Factors – those that change over time and situation (i.e. – attitudes, values, beliefs) 1. Stable Dynamic Factors – factors that are changeable, but usually change slowly (i.e. – modus operandi, signatures) a. Modus Operandi (MO) – the actions and procedures an offender uses to commit a crime successfully i.Behavioral pattern that the offender learns as they gain experience in committing the offense and can become more sophisticated or brazen with more experience b. Signature – relatively consistent characteristics of the crime that carries with it a symbolic communication by the offender that goes beyond what is necessary to commit the crime and is believed to be related to their unique cognitive processes i.More consistent than an MO 2. Acute Dynamic Factors – factors that change rapidly (i.e. – mood swings, emotional arousal, alcohol/drug-induced effects) ii.Static Risk Factors – those that don’t change over time (i.e. – gender, birth order, ethnicity) III) Psychological Autopsy – the attempt to reconstruct the personality profile and cognitive features (especially intentions) of deceased individuals a. Originally devised in order to help clarify deaths that were initially ambiguous, uncertain or equivocal as to the manner of death (often time for insurance purposes or to detect if foul play was involved)
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Chapter3 - 3-17-04 I) II) Chapter 3 Investigative...

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