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ross' IRB Notes - I) IRB Notes Ethics a. History a lot of...

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IRB Notes I) Ethics a. History – a lot of prisoner studies that were cruel b. Changes following Hitler’s experiments against the Jews c. Nuremberg Code – tried to decide what to do with the data, they were the first to put down what is acceptable research and what isn’t. They decided to destroy that data so as not to condone those types of experiments d. Declaration of Helsinki – international meeting to decide what is ethical and what isn’t in experiments i.The process was geared towards medical research, but psychology has to conform to that same basis e. Institutional Review Board (all federally-funded institutions) – all experiments must be reviewed by the IRB and they decide whether it is permissible under the Declaration of Helsinki i.If there is not an IRB form for an experiment then the government takes away all funding from that institution for several years f. IRB Review i.When is research ethical? 1. Potential benefits must outweigh risks (not just equal) 2. They look at how well the study is being done, because a study is not worth doing at all if it has a poor design 3. Participation must be voluntary (no inducements, like giving extra credit only by doing research in a class) 4. Participants must give consent while being adequately informed ii.Informed Consent 1. Usually requires informed consent form
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ross' IRB Notes - I) IRB Notes Ethics a. History a lot of...

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