10 Social Influence and Power

10 Social Influence and Power - Study Question 1 Use what...

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Study Question 1: Use what you learned in class to explain what social influence is and how it works . Be sure to explain what gives a person the power to influence someone and under what circumstances people are most and least likely to allow themselves to be influence . I) Social Influence – occurs when people use their power to change other’s attitudes or behavior in a desired way. II) How and Why people are influenced: a. Outcome Dependence – when others control rewards or punishments for a person directly (through threats or promises) or indirectly (by making acceptance/approval dependent upon doing what is desired) then people can fall under what is called “normative social influence”, or being influenced by present social norms. i.A person might want the rewards of belonging in a group, including acceptance, or wants to avoid the punishment of being ostracized so they go along with what the group thinks and does. ii.A person might have a boss that they want to please because that boss offers rewards (higher pay) or punishments (getting fired) depending upon how well one pleases her. b. Information Dependence – when a situation is ambiguous and a person is uncertain that person might turn to the others for information and be influenced either directly (them telling that person) or indirectly (that person following the modeled behavior of others). i.A person might look to others to see what to do in a situation where it looks like someone might need help. Those others will influence that person by either telling that person what to do or by modeling either helping or non-helping behavior. c. Mindless Behavior – when a person is failing to process the situation and just automatically reacting to a situation they can unwittingly comply to other’s influence. i.Happens either because of “cognitive load”, they are not able to pay
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10 Social Influence and Power - Study Question 1 Use what...

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