14 Leadership - Study Question #5 Compare and contrast the...

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Study Question #5 – Compare and contrast the effectiveness of “task oriented, directive leaders” and “relationship oriented, non directive leaders”. Base your analysis on information presented in class about Group Maturity Theory and on material presented in class and the text on Contingency theory. I) Leadership – a process by which a person exerts the most influence and proved energy and direction to the group and under which the people in the group allow themselves to be influenced by this person in order to achieve common goals. a. Effective leadership universally depends on “idiosyncrasy credits”, which gives them influence over the group. Leaders accumulate these credits by helping their group to achieve desired goals and by conforming to the social norms of the group. The credits are generally representative of how much the group appreciates and trusts the leader and how loyal they think the leader is to the group. These credits can then be cashed in when the leaders needs the groups trust and loyalty in order to achieve new goals and especially when the leader is trying to sway the group in a new direction (innovative leading). II) Types of Leadership: a. Task Leadership – focus is on working on the common goals of the group, telling people what to do, distributing the workload and making decisions for the group. b. Relational Leadership – focus is on the people in their group, mediating between them and attending to morale and communication. III) Contingency Theory – the effectiveness of leadership is contingent upon the situation in which a person is trying to lead. a. Proposed that people’s leadership styles were based upon their personalities and how that shaped what was reinforcing to them (completing tasks or relationships with people) and saw individuals as being only one of the two types of leaders. b.
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14 Leadership - Study Question #5 Compare and contrast the...

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