16 Relationships Continued

16 Relationships Continued - Study Question # 7 Use what...

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Study Question # 7 – Use what you learned in class about social exchange theory to explain why people decide to begin relationships and why they invest time and energy in them. (Please demonstrate your points with examples from either friendships or intimate relationships.) I) Why people decide to begin relationships: a. Relationships (except marriages) are like voluntary contracts, ones that we, in our mind, agree to as long as the majority of the contract is met. This contract we make is based on the assumptions that our friends are freely chosen by us, that the relationship should provide mutual benefits for both people and that the people in the relationship have rights that the other member can’t infringe upon as well as responsibilities each member owes the other if the other needs them. b. The choice to begin a relationship with someone is always based on self interest, driven by the hedonistic motives. In every relationship we operate under factors of social exchange, wanting to get more rewards out of it than the amount of costs it takes from us. This is based on the minimax principle that states simply that, in our interactions with people, we primarily wish to maximize pleasure, while minimizing pain. This hedonistic motive in relationships drives us to constantly evaluate current and forecasted outcome levels, or the degree to which the rewards of the relationship out-weigh the costs. This is not always a straight foreword ratio because often times people put more weight in costs than
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16 Relationships Continued - Study Question # 7 Use what...

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