18 Attachment - Study Question # 9 Summarize what you...

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Study Question # 9 – Summarize what you learned in class about the process of attachment. Be sure to explain what attachment is, why and how it occurs and what is learned in attachment relationships. I) Attachment – a strong emotional link between partners that becomes more important and is more influential on our behavior in times of stress. a. Attachment begins in early childhood. When we are babies we are born into a chaotic, harsh world and we look to attach to others for security and comfort. The first people we do this with are our primary caregivers, usually mom. From these early relationships and progressing into later ones we learn how to deal with other people and ourselves in relationships and this process forms different attachment styles. b. Since attachment to others is primarily driven by stress and a need to be comforted and made secure, different attachment styles are bred out of how we are able to interact with people during times of stress. c. Secure Style: i.If we are lucky and have caregivers who are consistently responsive to our needs without smothering us then we will form the general assumption about ourselves that we are worthy of love and form the assumption about others that most people are generally responsive to us and are dependable when we need them. ii.These assumptions would help us to enjoy relationships with others. We would be able to become comfortable and intimate with others relatively easily and we would in-turn be able to respond and take care of others reasonably well. iii.With these type of secure relationships with people we would be able to learn a good balance
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18 Attachment - Study Question # 9 Summarize what you...

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