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“THE DEVIATION" THE FRANKISH CHARGE Powerful cavalry charge by Frankish knights Turks adapted to it by allowing charge through and enveloping it from the flanks ABBASID Dynasty of Islamic Empire, overthrew Umayyads Centered in Baghdad AGER SANGUINIS (FIELD OF BLOOD) Forces of Antioch were annihilated by combined Seljuk and Aleppo force in 1119 AIN JALUT Marks high-water mark of Mongol invasion Hulagu Kahn is defeated by Mamluk forces, 1260 AL-QADI AL-FADIL chancellor and advisor to Saladin, b.1131- d.1199 had an extensive knowledge of the crusading movement from the perspective of Muslims before, during, and after the Third Crusade. Referred to crusade as jihad, said if crusaders were there for only religious purposes they would have won AL-AQSA Mosque in Jerusalem, means farthest mosque Place where Muhammad is said to have ascended to heaven Becomes home to the templars AL-QUDS ANTIOCH Major city in northwest Levant, situated on eastern side of the Orontes river, near Mediterranean Crusaders laid siege for 7½ months, Bohemond of Taranto finds traitor who helps crusaders take city Holy lance is found and crusaders successfully sally forth against kerbogha Principality of Antioch lasts for about 200 years, fell to Mamluks in 1268
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ASCALON Important crusader city because of its being on the coast and between Egypt and the crusader states Battle of ascalon saw defeat of Egyptian forces sent to relieve those besieged at Jerusalem, 1099 Muslims sent raids out from ascalon, not captured until after second crusade by King Baldwin III After hattin, saladin destroyed ascalon but King Richard built a citadel on the ruins Finally captured in 1247, eventually destroyed
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Crusades_Definition_StudyGuide - THE DEVIATION" THE...

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