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Midterm 2 - Study Question 6

Midterm 2 - Study Question 6 - Study Question 6 – Person...

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Study Question # 6 – Person A recently moved to a new apartment building. During the first few weeks, she ran into two of her neighbors (Person B and Person C) quite often. Today she decided to invite Person C over for dinner, but not Person B. Use what you learned in class and in your text to explain what might have contributed to her decision (include only those factors that apply to a situation such as this). I) Why Person A chose Person C over Person B in trying to progress their relationship. a. Person A has already affiliated with Person B and C over time now and has become more familiar with both. Her attraction to get to know one of them better than the other could have been affected by how much time they had spent together or how familiar she felt they were. i.Mere Exposure Effect – Since we have been evolutionarily trained to be wary of new things because we are uncertain about whether or not they pose a threat to us, just mere exposure to something will make us think more positively about it, because we get to know that the thing in actuality does not present any danger to us. a. Perhaps Person A just ran into Person C more than Person B and so has the increased exposure has decreased any anxieties Person A about Person C more so than the anxieties she had about Person B. 2. Proximity – since Person B and C are neighbors of Person A their close proximity increased the amount of times they ran into each other and thus increased Person A’s liking of both. a. Perhaps Person C lives in closer proximity to Person A than Person B, maybe living right next door instead of downstairs from Person A. This increased proximity would increase the number of times they were exposed
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