Making the Most Of Old Age

Making the Most Of Old Age - -1 Pamela Vucinich-Period...

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Unformatted text preview: -1 Pamela Vucinich-Period 2-May 9, 2007 Making the Most Of Old Age It is a true statement to say that in our society, people of a older generation carry a certain stereotype. “You know you’re getting marvelously mature when you and your teeth don’t sleep together.” Although the majority of people don’t have this opinion per se, we might consider the “old folk” to be wise or even show them respect for the experiences they have endured in their time; however, we do not consider them to be contributing members of our society. Many people do not reach the height of their productivity and accomplishments until late adulthood, though, making the latter opinion of America to be false. A few examples of people aging like a good wine are Oprah Winfrey, with her charitable work in South Africa on top of her billionaire success, Susan Lucci and Suzanne Somers, who look fabulous mid-aged and continue...
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