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One of my favorite commercials is the Ikea commercial where a young boy is playing with his toys and giggling and laughing and picking up new toys and playing around. Then he picks up a vibrator and starts playing around with it turns it on and bursts out laughing. The words "Tidy up" appear on the screen followed by products sold by Ikea. I like this commercial because it is very funny, like literally laugh out loud funny. It's also a great commercial because it takes a step farther than almost any other advertisement and it helps people remember the commercial. One of my least favorite commercials is the "Madden '08 Together" commercial. In this
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Unformatted text preview: commercial they show people playing the game as well as screen shots from previous Madden football games. While the whole time there is a narrator talking about how the game brings people together. I'm all for playing madden and having a good time but this commercial makes a video game out as something that creates a community. They are just trying to make the game way to sentimental for people. I guess the commercial could evoke memories for people about playing Madden but that just doesn't do it for me....
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