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Hist 2321 Professor Strauss 10/29/08 Pickett’s Charge: Doomed from the Start Intro: Lee’s decision to order Pickett’s charge and the confidence he held for his artillery were symptoms of his over confidence of this tactic b/c of its success at Chancellorsville. The apparent lack of direct leadership by either Lee or Longstreet before or during the bombardment allowed for the lapse of technical competence in regard to the cannons and shot and for the breakdown of central command of the artillery. B/c the confederate artillery failed to work as one cohesive unit, under one commander, with the proper technological and logistical problems worked out, it was unable to give the already risky plan of an infantry charge any hope for success, dooming it to failure. Overview of South on Day 3: Ewell, on the South’s left, planned attack at first light, trying to press the attack on Culp’s hill o Heavy fighting between the two sides, ending in no real change Stuart and his cavalry attempt to flank the Union’s extreme right flank o Again, heavy fight and south is repelled Main concentration of the day was centered on Pickett’s charge o Cannon barrage of about 150 guns fired for about 30 minutes before the charge Shells exploded past the union line thus having no effect; this was due to technical problems (heated barrels, rivets in ground, new ammo) Inaccuracy not seen b/c of smoke
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Pickett_Charge_Reading Notes - Hist 2321 Professor Strauss...

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