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Unformatted text preview: Matt Niemiec SPIFO - ENVY Envy has never been a sin that I have associated myself with very much. I have always thought that my life is pretty good and that I’m not really envious of other people when it comes to who they are and the amount of stuff they have, etc… However, after reading this chapter from Steering through Chaos , the true sin of envy was made a little clearer to me. It is a sin that I struggle with, although it is no longer displayed as a sin in our culture which leads to some numbness with regards to its effects by me and many others. Envy is a sin of our time. As Guinness implied many times throughout the chapter, it is a sin of our time that has gradually worn away at our conscious’s so that we barely even notice it. He makes mention of how western advertising occasionally uses it and I would even take this farther. Almost all advertising that we get nowadays uses envy of some form. Whether encouraging us to go out and by something new to look cooler, or to get it in order to outdo the guy next to us, we are constantly swarmed...
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