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HY 315 Day 1 - Background to War 1619 to 1861 The Civil War...

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Background to War: 1619 to 1861 The Civil War was about slavery but not in a obvious. Lincoln in 2nd inaug. said somehow slavery led to the civil war. Without Slavery there would have never been a civil war. Distinctive traits of American Slavery Property - Slaves were property under the law. One person owned another. Property was esseintial to English Society Permanent - Slavery existed for a slaves whole life. It would never end Hereditary - The slaves children were slaves for there lifetime and there children and on and on Racial - the most important characteristic - all Africans were slaves or believed to be slaves unless they could prove there freedom. white people were never enslaved. If it had not been racial slavery there would have been no crisis over civil war. Regional - a certain region of the country had slavery and the other parts did not. That is a critical because without it there would have been no civil war and slavery would have be isolated Where did slavery begin? First Africans were brought to English Colonies in Jamestown by a
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