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1) Second Punic War: conflict between Carthage and Rome where Hannibal takes elephants over Alps a) Will not look at individual battles, but instead look at overall strategy b) Ask the questions: Why did Hannibal fail? Why did Scipio Africanus Succeed? c) Clausewitz analysis: COG and trinity 2) Hannibal a) Did not have complete trinity: had support of people of Italy, Gaul, Spain, Carthage; had military power; lack political control b) Failed to ever take Rome (Roman COG): Hasdrubal almost makes it to Hannibal with siege equipment i) Maharbal: You, Hannibal, know how to gain a victory; you do not know how to
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Unformatted text preview: use it 3) Scipio Africanus a) Struck at Carthaginian COGs: Spain (limiting Hannibal’s autonomy from Carthage) then Carthage b) Before Scipio Roman tactics were defensive and they lost: failed Fabian strategy of food neglecting and anti-raid tactics 4) I have lots of good sources: books and articles on military, government, and the two Generals 5) Also have primary sources of Livy and Polybius a) Apparently Polybius is better but it’s good to look at both b) A few books compare the two accounts...
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