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General Education Comprehensive Assessment UNIT PLAN: SUGGESTED FORMAT (duplicate as needed) (Based on Analysis of Unit Plan and Lesson Plan from Evaluation Framework) 1. Unit Goals (long range-how does this unity fit with year long goals?) IA 2. Specific ways to relate goal(s) to curriculum (team/department, system and state frameworks) IB 3. Characteristics of the students for whom this unity is intended (needs in the cognitive, social, emotional and physical areas) IA, IB, IC 4. Introductory procedures (How will you introduce the unity and the goals?) IB
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Unformatted text preview: 5. Materials and media (any resource persons or materials other than textbook: be as specific as possible. Identify resource, its availability, how it is to be used and why chosen IB and IVB 6. Assessment and evaluation of learner understanding (Identify the methods the teacher will use to identify student learning levels and needs. Describe when these will be used during the unit.) IB and IIIA 7. Relate assessment instruments to the outcomes stated in the goals. IIIA...
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