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Hist 2321 Professor Strauss 11/24/08 Smith’s Discussion on Bosnia and His Conclusion In the final chapters of his book The Utility of Force , General Rupert Smith addresses the changing nature of warfare and its turn away from conventional, international, industrial war to war amongst the people. His final case study that he discusses is the Bosnian war/conflict and his involvement in the military actions taken there. Smith nicely lays out a chronological description of the series of events that took place during the conflict which centered on the actions of the Bosnian-Serbs, the Bosniacs, and the Croats in the area. He also addresses the dispositions and actions taken by the UNPROFOR and NATO forces present. A lot in this section has to do with the relationship between the U.N. and NATO forces and the differing politics behind the functions of these two groups. The intricacies of their cooperation in military action and its subsequent hindrance of any sufficiently cohesive execution of a specific plan was explained as well. Smith talks in depth about the U.N. force’s precarious situation regarding the different militant minority groups of Bosnia as they (U.N.) proceeded to become
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Utility_of_Force_Smtih_Essay - Hist 2321 Professor Strauss...

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