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201 5 F07 Sophists 904

201 5 F07 Sophists 904 - Philosophy 201 Lecture 5 Sophists...

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Philosophy 201, Lecture 5, 9/11/07, Sophists, p. 1 Philo 201 Lecture 5: September 11, 2007 Sophists and Socrates (and a bit of Democritus) Maps * Map of Greece and western Asia Minor: http://plato-dialogues.org/tools/greece.htm * Map of Attica in the time of Socrates and Plato: http://plato- dialogues.org/tools/attica.htm * Map of Athens in the 5 th century: http://plato-dialogues.org/tools/athens.htm Democritus Ontology and Epistemology o “By convention sweet by convention bitter, by convention hot by convention cold, in reality atoms and void. Poor mind, do you take your evidence from us and then try to overthrow us? Our overthrow is your fall.” (quoted by Galen) “There are two forms of knowledge: one legitimate, one obscure; the following all belong to the obscure form: sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch; the other is legitimate, and is quite different from this.” o Sext. Emp. adv math VIII.6: “The disciples of both Plato and Democritus held that only intelligible objects were real.” Democritus: Moral Concepts *“The end of action is tranquility, which is not identical with pleasure.” DL * Evolutionary theory of culture *Human person as “mikros cosmos” “Cheerfulness” *“Cheerfulness arises in people through moderation of enjoyment and due proportion in life. Deficiencies and excesses tend to change suddenly and give rise to large movements in the soul. Souls which undergo motions involving large intervals are neither steady nor cheerful.” (DK 191) Wisdom of Democritus *“Brave is not only he who masters the enemy but also he who masters pleasures. Some are lords of cities but slaves of women.” DK 214. * “All those who make their pleasures from the belly, exceeding the right time for food, drink, or sex, have short-lived pleasures (only as long as they eat or drink) but many pains.” DK 235. * “Nature and teaching are closely related. For teaching rearranges the person and by rearranging makes nature.” DK 33. *Medicine, according to Democritus, cures the diseases of the body, and wisdom clears the soul of passions. (from Clement) * “Anyone who kills a highwayman or a pirate should be free from penalty, whether he does it by his own hand, by issuing an order, or by casting a vote.” *“Anyone who needs children should get them from his friends. Then he can choose the kind he wants. If you produce a child yourself you have to make do with the one you
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Philosophy 201, Lecture 5, 9/11/07, Sophists, p. 2
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201 5 F07 Sophists 904 - Philosophy 201 Lecture 5 Sophists...

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