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201 11 F07 Republic I 92707

201 11 F07 Republic I 92707 - Republic I notes for p 1...

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Republic I notes for 10/4/07, p. 1 Lecture 12, October 4, 2007 Republic Book I Republic Bibliography. * Julia Annas, 1981: best general guide * D. Roochnik, 2003, Beautiful City * S. Rosen, 2005, P’s Rep a Study * G. Santas, 2006, Blackwell Guide * J. Mitchell, 2006, Plato’s Fable * K Dorter, 2006, Transformation of PR * G. Ferrari, 2007, Cambridge Compan. * S. Blackburn, 2007, P’s Rep Biography Dramatic parameters * Entirely narrated by Socrates * Dramatic date: inconsistent between about 424 and 408 or so (see Nails, App. I) * House of Cephalus in the Peiraeus. * http://plato-dialogues.org/tools/athens.htm Characters * Cephalus: wealthy Syracusan attracted to Athens by Pericles to develop the arms industry. By 404, the factory he founded had over 100 slaves. * Polemarchus: older son of C., born in Syracuse, owner of the house where the Rep takes place. Executed by the 30 in 404. * Lysias: younger son of Cephalus, probably by second wife; brother of sophist Euthydemus, after 404 was a speech writer: see beginning of Phaedrus . There is an autobiographical speech in his corpus. * Thrasymachus of Chalcedon b. c. 445. A rhetorician of note, cf. Phdr 267c. * Cleitophon: 452??-404. Known for his flip-flop politics (mainly oligarchic), he appears in Rep as consistent normative relativist. See dialogue named after him. Glaucon
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Republic I notes for 10/4/07, p. 2 * Older brother of Plato, erotically oriented toward males (R. 474d). Birth date somewhat puzzling, but probably about 429. Adeimantus * Born probably before Glaucon, perhaps about 432. Married and had children. * [Plato also had an older sister, Potone, who was the mother of Speusippos, Plato’s successor as director of the Academy] Simonides of Ceos, 558-468.
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