201 7 F07 Crito 92007

201 7 F07 Crito 92007 - Philo 201 Lecture 7 Apology and...

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Philo 201 Lecture 7, September 20, 2007: Apology and Crito, p. 1 Philo 201: Lecture 7, 9/20/07: Apology, Crito Apology: Old Accusations 1 *Old accusations: Sophist of the Anaxagorean type, doing meteorology and geology, and “making the worse argument appear the better” (Aristophanes Clouds ). *Refuted 19ff, but there may be some validity Apology: Old Accusations 2 *Old accusation: That he makes money from teaching. Denies it. *Chaerephon and the Delphic Oracle *Socrates claims that the response was a command to go around and refute people… thus the anger at him. The Official Charges *“This indictment and affidavit is sworn by Meletus… against Socrates. .: Socrates is guilty of refusing to recognize the gods the state recognizes, and of introducing other new divinities. He is also guilty of corrupting the young. The penalty demanded is death.” *“Graphe” indictment, jury of 500 (?) Official Charges 2 * Ou nomizei theous : implication of atheism * Hetera de kaina daimonia esegoumenos : note “daimonia” * Adikei de kai tous neous diaphtheiron: Meletus takes it as consequence of atheism, but others accused him of being the teacher of some very bad guys. The attackers *Meletus: young and unknown, long hair, scraggly beard, hooked nose ( Euthyphro 2b). Not the Meletus who accused Andocides. *Anytus: an active politician, had inherited an successful tannery. See Meno 90a. *Lycon: a democratic politician. Elenchus 1 *Who improves the young? *Laws *Judges *All the citizens except Socrates *Animal training analogy: expert improves the young *It is better to live among good citizens than bad. *Socrates would prefer to live among good citizens.
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201 7 F07 Crito 92007 - Philo 201 Lecture 7 Apology and...

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