201 12 F07 Republic Sun Line Cave outline notes

201 12 F07 Republic Sun Line Cave outline notes - Lecture...

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Lecture 12, October 9, 2007: Republic: Sun-Line Cave Republic II, Intro *The discussion with Glaucon and Adeimantus will concern the just state, the just person, education, ontology, and art. *G&A tend to defend, for the sake of argument, Thrasymachus’ position in the light of a certain view of the origin of the state. Rep II *Socrates claims the justice is a good that the happy person loves for its own sake and for the effects it produces. *Glaucon: Gyges’ Ring *King of Lydia, 680-645, murdered King Candaules, married the queen. See Hdt 1.8- 14. Adeimantus *Appearance is better than reality – one might be well off to choose injustice but pretend to be just (I want to be refuted). *Response: justice in the individual, justice in the state. Discussion has mainly been about the individual, but justice also is an attribute of a society. *Socrates: Justice writ large in the state The evolution of the state *Primitive state (“city of pigs” – 372d) *“Fevered city”: meat-eating leads to war-making- *Establishment of the guardian class. Dogs and Philosophers *Spirit; knowing the difference between friends and enemies. *Educating the guardians: censorship of Homer and Hesiod for the early education of the guardians. Rep 3 *Censorship *(Only rulers can lie, 389b) *Dangers of mimetic art; *Musical modes and rhythms Disease and death *“When disease and licentiousness spread in a city, they give rise to hospitals and courts of law” *“Herodicus invented a lingering death: since his malady was incurable, there was no hope of recovery. But he was obsessed with tending to it … so his struggle against death left him no time for life” *Did not think it worthwhile to treat a person incapable of leading a normal life since such a person is no use to himself or the state. *Balance of medicine and gymnastic
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201 12 F07 Republic Sun Line Cave outline notes - Lecture...

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