201 16 F07 Aristotle 1 Outline Notes

201 16 F07 Aristotle 1 Outline Notes - Outline Notes...

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Outline Notes: Aristotle Intro, October 23, 2007, p. 1 Lecture 15: Aristotle Intro: Aristotle life and works Categories 1-5, Int . 9: CCR 645-670 Two apologies: a) It has been brought to my attention that the Timaeus selection in CCR begins on standard page 27, rather than on standard page 17, and that as a consequence the stuff that was presented in the lecture unfortunately had no basis in your reading, and worse yet, you had no reason to know the answer to the first multiple choice question. I recognize that, and will take care of that situation. b) I said in lecture last Tuesday that attendance at extra discussion sections replaces discussion absences (only). That’s not true. Students who attend extra discussions can count them against lecture absences also. When I get information about an additional attendance, I count it off against any absence. You can't get credit for more than the maximum number of attendances (as of today, that would be 22). Readings until Exam 2: *Today: CCR 656-670 *Thursday, October 25: CCR 671-693 *Next Tuesday (10/30): CCR 694-719 *November 1: Exam 2 Some good general books on Aristotle *Lear, Aristotle the Desire to Understand, 1988 *Ferguson, Aristotle, 1972 *Grene, Portrait of Aristotle, 1964 *If all else fails, Randall, Aristotle, 1960 Some More Recent Aristotle Books *Chris Shields, Aristotle , 2007 *Lloyd Gerson, Aristotle and Other Platonists , 2005 *J. Barnes, ed., The Cambridge Companion to Aristotle , 1995 Dates in Aristotle’s Life *384/3: Born to Nicomachus and Phestis, probably in Stagira. Nicomachus was court physician to the Macedonian court; died when A was quite young. *368/7: Death of Dionysius I of Syracusa; Plato to Sicily; Eudoxus Scholarch; Aristotle arrives at Academy, age 17. *361: Plato to Sicily again; Heraclides scholarch. Ryle says that Aristotle went with Plato to Sicily. 348/7: Fall of Olynthus: Demosthenes in power in Athens; Aristotle leaves, Plato dies. *347: Aristotle in Atarneus with Hermias (also Coriscos, Erastos, Xenokrates); diplomacy between Hermias and Philip of Macedon. *345/4: Aristotle to Mytilene of Lesbos, with Erastos & Coriscos, joined by Theophrastus: Biological investigations, school of sorts. *343/2: Aristotle to Pella as Alexander’s tutor. *341/0: Mentor kills Hermias; Aristotle marries Pythias (if not earlier) *340/39: Philip to Byzantion, Alexander regent in Pella; Aristotle probably to Stagira, possibly writes code of laws for rebuilt city. *339/8: Death of Speusippos, Xenocrates elected scholarch. August: battle of Chaeronea.
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Outline Notes: Aristotle Intro, October 23, 2007, p. 2 *336/5: Philip slain, Alexander 20, takes over Macedonian empire. *335/4: Alexander destroys Thebes; treaty with Athens imposes right of Aristotle to establish his school. *334: Establishment of the Lyceum (“Peripatos”)
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201 16 F07 Aristotle 1 Outline Notes - Outline Notes...

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