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Study Guide for Final - Essay Exam for the Final 40 of the...

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Unformatted text preview: Essay Exam for the Final 40% of the grade There is no multiple choice Big essay: Future of the state system will count for 70% of the exam. Bring your own sheets to answer them. Preferably Bluebooks, but you can bring different sheets if you want. Topic of the first question: realism/idealism contrast Second question: challenges posed by intervention or by the use of force in the international system Big question: is the nation state still a viable focus for the understanding of contemporary international politics? Nation-State Essay Question Review:-Is the nation state, as a unit of analysis, still the best grounding for the study of international relations? There is no right or wrong answer, but back up your thesis. A. Make a claim, an assert able thesis that has a counter claim. B. Back it up with principles or specific reasons that support this general claim. C. Provide evidence to justify the principle or the reason. Whether it's data, facts, illustration, quote, etc. We began this course with the question: What do you need with your own sense of well being? The course is intended to demonstrate how we are caught up in international realities. Central themes: power and war Central fact: until we develop working collective security mechanisms in the international security system, the only counteract for power is more power. Diplomacy can make huge differences We're the central market for this country. The nation-state persists. It is still the highest form of authority in the international system. It is still the principle and sometimes sole institution capable for providing for its citizens. Only nation states can tax and can use these resources for collective goods. Only nation states pass laws and punish criminals. So people still put their identity in that. And as long as people put their identity in this myth, than the myth are true. And no nation is better than its own citizens. Athens gave you your manhood. And it can take that back. If the people aren't willing to give the nation this sacrifice then the myth is gone. Human being divide into masters and slaves. The difference is that the master is willing to die. He has complete freedom over his destiny. Slaves try to survive. "Familism": Fatal disease of a nation state. This is when people insist that their individual interests equals the national interest. The nation dies in this case. Ex. when the Vietnamese were being attacked they were fighting for their homelands as well as their families....
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This note was uploaded on 02/01/2009 for the course POLS 1xx taught by Professor Lomperis during the Spring '09 term at Saint Louis.

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Study Guide for Final - Essay Exam for the Final 40 of the...

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