Anatomy Exam 3 cheat sheet

Anatomy Exam 3 cheat sheet - -Parallel muscles are...

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-Parallel muscles are straplike muscles of uniform width whose fascicles all run in the same direction. -An intrinsic muscle of the hand has both its origin and insertion within the hand -A smile is produced by contraction of the zygomaticus muscle -The mentalis muscles pull the skin of the chin upward -The epicranius is not an intrinsic muscle of the head -The mylohyoid does not produce chewing movements of the mandible -The occipitalis is an extensor of the neck -Hallucis pertains to the great toe -The deepest muscle of the abdominal wall is the rectus abdominis -The pronator teres and pronator quadratus turn the palm downward -The two prominent tendons at the wrist belong to the palmaris longus and flexor carpi ulnaris muscles -The calcaneal tendon does not belong to the triceps surae of the calf -The mylohyoid is not an infrahyoid muscle -The digastric muscle helps to open the mouth -The temporalis acts synergistically with the masseter to elevate the mandible -The masseter originates on the zygomatic arch and inserts on the angle of the mandible -The flexor carpi ulnaris is not a muscle of the lower extremity -The psoas major is not below the knee -The prominent tendons you can palpate at the popliteal fossa arise from the
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Anatomy Exam 3 cheat sheet - -Parallel muscles are...

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