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Genetics Homework #3 Group final

Genetics Homework #3 Group final - Muting Lin Katie Linehan...

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Muting Lin, Katie Linehan, Laura Lombardini and Robert Maines Group #6 Genetics Homework #3 1) A. Two copies of the gene are found in a human skin cell. B. One copy of the gene is found in a human sperm cell. C. There are two different alleles maximum that could be found in the human skin cell. 2) The gamete generated violates both the law of segregation and the law of independent assortment. The law of segregation is violated because the Aa alleles did not separate from each other during meiosis and were both carried into the AaBc gamete. The law of independent assortment was violated because the alleles assorted into the gamete cell together as though they were linked on the same chromosome. 3) A. The zygote will have a genotype of aaBbCcDDEE. B. The possible gametes that could be produced upon reaching reproductive maturity are: abcDE, aBCDE, aBcDE and abCDE. 4) A. ½ * ½ = 1/4 probability that the first two F 2 plants are heterozygous.
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