Oedipus's Quest for Truth

Oedipus's Quest for Truth - Oedipus's Quest for Truth Casey...

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Oedipus’s Quest for Truth Casey Purdy Dr. Arlie Peck Eng 24103, 02 February 16, 2006.
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by Sophocles Oedipus is faced with a challenge. The real challenge was not to find why the city was cursed but the challenge was to find truth. The truth that he is searching for is to discover who he really is and who killed King Laїos. As the story progresses Oedipus keeps learning more and more of the truth. The truth of who he is and the truth of who killed the King is a truth that in the end is more devastating than what he desired. In Oedipus’s case the common saying “The truth will set you free,” is not true. The truth will imprison Oedipus in a psychosocial and physical barrier that he will most likely never get over. In the Prologue the story is introduced with Oedipus as he shows concern for the plague that has struck his town. Oedipus tells the priest, “…but my spirit / Groans for the city, for myself, for you” (Pro. 65-66). To take action and try to understand why the curse is happening Oedipus realizes that he cannot necessarily figure this out on his own, as he did with the riddle and sphinx, so he sent Creon to Apollo to see what the god’s have to say. This shows that Oedipus really did care for the city because he had to swallow his pride and ask for help. By asking for help he is doing whatever is needed to discover the truth of why the town is facing this plague. When Creon comes back, Oedipus’s is told that the plague must be removed, “By exile or death, blood for blood. It was / Murder that brought the plague-wind on the city” (Pro. 104-105). This begins Oedipus’s quest for the truth of King Laїos’s death and to find who the murderer was. As Oedipus is on an adventure of discovery he curses the individual who has murdered the past King, so ironically he cursed himself. Oedipus’s character flaw of brashness and impatience
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Oedipus's Quest for Truth - Oedipus's Quest for Truth Casey...

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