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Annotated Bibliography #2 - Annotated Bibliography#2 Fraser...

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Annotated Bibliography #2 Fraser, Simon, and William Wresch. "National Competitive Advantage in E-Commerce Efforts: A Report 4.1 (2005): 27- 44. This article focuses’ on how in the Caribbean countries there are some governments that restrict e- commerce. This discusses how these countries are at a major disadvantage for the amount of money coming into their country over the internet. I will use this article to disprove the use of government regulations on the internet. Gibbs, Jennifer, Kenneth L. Kraemer, and Jason Dedrick. "Environment and Policy Factors Shaping Global E-Commerce Diffusion: A Cross-Country Comparison." Information Society 19.1 (2003): 5. This article focuses on how e-commerce is being spread throughout different countries based on policies of the country and international community, and even the location of the country. This should be useful in proving why some countries are only now getting the internet and how it will help them. Joseph Richards, and Dong Shen. "E-Commerce Adoption among Chinese Consumers: An Exploratory Study." Journal of International Consumer Marketing 18.3 (2006): 33-55. This case study is all about how e-commerce and the internet is just barely now getting in to china,
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Annotated Bibliography #2 - Annotated Bibliography#2 Fraser...

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