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Chapter 2 Study Guide - Chapter 2 Study Guide Vocabulary...

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Chapter 2 Study Guide Vocabulary Sociology – scientific study of human interaction Troubles – personal problems and difficulties that can be explained in terms of individual characteristics such as motivational level, mood, personality, or ability -Resolution of Troubles lies in changing an individual’s character of immediate relationships Issues – matters that can only be solved by factors outside any one individual’s control and immediate environment Sociological Imagination – ability to link seemingly impersonal and remote historical forces to an individual’s life or the ability to recognize when seemingly personal troubles are connected to issues Social Relativity – the views that ideas, beliefs, and behavior vary according to time and place Transformative Powers of History – significant events (historically) that have dramatic consequences for people’s thinking and behavior -These events must be seen in the same context of time and place. Mechanization – the addition of external sources of power as oil or steam to hand tools and to modes of production -Reduced physical requirements -Skills and knowledge intertwined -Sped up production -Reduced skills required to produce a good Means of Production – resources required and essential to the production and distribution of services Solidarity – ties that bind people to one another -Mechanical – people who perform similar tasks, develop a shared consciousness, a sense of similarity that unites them in a common whole
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Chapter 2 Study Guide - Chapter 2 Study Guide Vocabulary...

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