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James Keith 1-24-08 Political Science Methods notes Unit of Analysis: Thing we want to study, Why question is dependent variable (characteristic of UofA that varies), Answer is independent variable. UofA (party ID) varies Voter choice (answer), Unit of analysis is individuals, a theory has two different variables, myriad of possible explanation for why people vote the way they do, independent variable influences other variable, does the causing, in order to have a theory/relationship you must have two variables, two unit of analyses, also consider multiple variables that influence the process, more complex theories:
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Unformatted text preview: Party ID>VC, what causes a person to become a Democrat or Republican? Parents party ID may affect your own Party ID, parents (antecedent variable means before), intervening: PIP (IV) > Issue position > VC (DV), for paper: figure out unit of analysis, develop a why question, Basic Relationship (Unit of analysis 1): Answer (IV 3) > Why? (DV 2), Alternative answer AIV (Control 4), quiz next Thursday, first section of paper due February 5, in section 1 of paper you are not justifying your theory, section 1 is about the dependent variable, URL for data sets: www.psrm.cqpress.com ,...
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