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Jordan Doffing Astronomy Duke Rau November 25, 2007 Stephen Hawking One of the most recognized scientists of our time is Stephen William Hawking. Known mostly for his work in theoretical cosmology and quantum gravity, Hawking is also recognized for his life threatening diesese ALS. Unlike some people who get ALS or any other sort of life altering disease, Hawking didn’t let is misfortunes stop him from continuing his research. Hawking was born on January 8, 1942 in Oxford. His mother Isobel and father Frank moved to Oxford from North London due to attacks from the Luftwaffe. Stephen was the oldest of four children. He had two sisters, Philippa and Mary; and an adopted brother named Edward. Stephen attended a girls’ preparatory school until he was age ten, which was very common amongst boys at that times, before he finished his grade schooling at St. Alban’s School. When Hawking began his schooling at Oxford University, he had the intentions of studying mathematics. Though Hawking’s father, being a research biologist and heading up the division of parasitology at the National Institute for Medical Research, would have preffered him to study medicine. Ultimately, Hawking decided to take up physics in the long run. While at Oxford, Hawking never did quite well on the written tests, so he ended up getting similar scores as students who weren’t quite as smart as he was. So Hawking’s teachers would include oral exams to accompany the written portions. It was always aparant to his fellow students and teachers that Hawking was quite a bit smarter than they were.
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In 1962, Hawking received his B.A. in physics from Oxford University. After he graduated, Hawking wanted to study astronomy. He wanted to explore the theory part of it and not just to observe it. Unfortunately, Oxford’s facilities really only allowed the students to observe sun spots, which was something Hawking was really not interested in.
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