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IR Quiz 3 Prep - Chapter 5 West vs Islamism Conflicts of...

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Chapter 5 West vs. Islamism Conflicts of interest tangible interests Territorial border disputes Succession attempts Control of national governments Economic transactions Conflicts of ideas intangible elements Group identity (not what someone does, but what someone is) Religious Ideological (communism vs. democracy in cold war) Levels of analysis Cause of conflict relating to level of analysis Types of war Civil- between factions within a state, trying to prevent or create a new government from entire state or part of it. Interstate war Limited War- military actions carried out to gain without surrender or occupation Persian Gulf 1 Total- waged to occupy and conquer. Take over government p151 2003 Iraq war Hegemonic- war over control of world order WWII- world domination Guerilla- War without frontlines. Not to directly confront, but to harass. Civilians Viet Kong Terrorism Traditional- non state attack against civilians to gain leverage with state actors P 201 State Sponsored- controlled by state intelligence agencies Pan Am 103 Post Modern Terrorism- non state actors with non conventional tactics
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This test prep was uploaded on 04/17/2008 for the course PSC 124 taught by Professor D'amico during the Fall '07 term at Syracuse.

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IR Quiz 3 Prep - Chapter 5 West vs Islamism Conflicts of...

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