IR Quiz 1 Prep

IR Quiz 1 Prep - International Relations Study Group...

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Unformatted text preview: International Relations Study Group September 9, 2007 7pm Bonus questions about current events (4 points) Theories to define a statement Examples Partial credit Mountains Beyond Mountains BASICS People- Paul Farmer Tom White- financial backer Jim Kim- partner in PIH Father Perez Ophelia- met through PIH Alexander Goldfarb- Russian anthropologist Places- Haiti Boston NYC Lima, Peru Cuba Russia (Moscow) TB TERMS- Collective Goods Principles- P5 not owned but affected by all Dominance- imposing solutions (each country) power hierarchy Identity- preferences of community (shared feeling) Reciprocity- collaboration, response to someone else’s actions Positive=rewarded Negative= punishment Kioto protocol- greenhouse gas emission International Relations- relationship among worlds state governments and the connections of those relationships with other actors, with other social relationships (economics, anthropology), with geographic and other influences Study of questions of war and peace within IR is the subfield of international security studies International System- set of relationships among the world states structured by certain rules, patterns and interactions WWI, WWII name the axis powers...
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IR Quiz 1 Prep - International Relations Study Group...

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