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CTCS Midterm notes

CTCS Midterm notes - CTCS Midterm Notes Movies and...

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CTCS Midterm Notes Movies and Characters: The Great Train Robbery Some Like It Hot o Marilyn Monroe ( Sugar Kane) o Joe, gets with Sugar o Jerry, gets with wealthy old man Strangers on a Train o Guy o Bruno o Miriam Hud o Paul Newman ( Hud Bannon) o Homer , dad o Lonnie , nephew o Alma , housekeeper Babette’s Feast o Martina and Philippa o Lieutenant Lorens Lowenhielm (likes Martina) o Pappin (likes Philippa) The Grapes of Wrath o Tom Joad o Ma Joad o Casy In Cold Blood o Perry Smith (creeper) o Richard ‘Dick’ Hickock (with family history, father, mother) Victor Victoria o Julie Andrews ( Victor Victoria) o King Marchand o Norma o ‘Toddy’ Difference between Novel and Movie (Strangers on a Train ): In the novel, Guy’s girlfriend’s , Ann Morton’s, family is well-off but not distinguishable wealthy. In the movie, her father is a United States Senator. Action shifted in Washington DC, not somewhere in Texas in the 1940s. In the movie, Guy is in love with the Senator’s daughter , where in the novel he 1
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is genuinely in love with her. In the novel, Guy is a young architect dedicated to his calling, in the film he is just a famous tennis pro. o An upper-class sport, unlike middle class milieu of Miriam o Fulfils the same needs as a career in politics (winning, ego boost, power, connections Scene of tennis game: perfect filmic vehicle for generating the climactic and
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