PSY 120 Syllabus Spring 2008

PSY 120 Syllabus Spring 2008 - PSY 120, PRINCIPLES OF...

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PSY 120, PRINCIPLES OF PSYCHOLOGY, 3 CREDIT HOURS MWF 9:05-9:55AM INSTRUCTOR : Carl E. Granrud, PhD OFFICE : McKee 14w PHONE : (970) 351-1196 E-MAIL : OFFICE HOURS : MW 11:05-12:00 and F 11:05-1:15 PREREQUISITES: None : This course provides an introduction to the field of psychology. We will survey scientific research in psychology and psychology’s applications in clinical settings. A goal of the course is to provide content knowledge about human behavior, learning, development, and cognition. Upon successful completion of this course students will understand the major theoretical perspectives in psychology, biological foundations of behavior, basic principles explaining adaptive and maladaptive behavior, and practical applications of psychology. REQUIRED TEXTBOOK: Mastering the World of Psychology (2 nd edition) by Wood, Wood, & Boyd. The textbook comes in a paper version and an online “e-book” version. The text of the e-book is identical to that of the paper version; but the e-book also includes extra features, such as practice tests, interactive exercises, and video clips. There are three options for purchasing the textbook: 1) you can purchase a new paper copy of the book, at the UNC bookstore, that comes with an access code for the e- book, 2) you can purchase access to the e-book online at and not buy a paper copy of the book, 3) you can purchase a new or used copy of the paper textbook and not obtain access to the e-book. Any of these options is OK. But it is recommended that students obtain access to the e-book to be able to take practice tests. BLACKBOARD : Important announcements, study guides for each exam, a copy of the syllabus, and up-to-date grades can be found throughout the semester on Blackboard at . For help with Blackboard, go to or call the help desk at 351- 4357. GRADING : This course is letter graded: A-F. Grades will be based on the total number of points earned on four 100-point multiple-choice exams. These cutoffs will be used in assigning grades A 360 points (90%) C 280 points (70%) B 320 points (80%) D 240 points (60%) ATTENDANCE: Attendance is not required. If you miss class, however, it is your responsibility to know all of the information presented in class. Please do not ask the instructor for lecture notes or PowerPoint slides; they will not be provided.
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PSY 120 Syllabus Spring 2008 - PSY 120, PRINCIPLES OF...

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