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cheat sheet - Aristotle- natural form of acquisition is...

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Aristotle- natural form of acquisition is part of management of household, proper and improper way to use possessions, usury=making a gain out of money itself and its bad, Aquinas- do the right thing quantified, “not everyone that sells at a higher price than he bought is a tradesman” Bacon- “usury is the certainest means of gain, though one of the worst”, give in moderation, usury is bad but inevitable, According to Maimonides, it is acceptable for an Israelite to do all but transfer money to a heathen so it can be lent to an Israelite. Maimonides feels that Israelites should be in the business of loaning money at interest to heathens. Carnegie- people who create wealth have an obligation to share this wealth with other, likes estate taxes, help those who will help themselves Cicero- do the right thing, Gyges, Antipater says all facts should be disclosed Columbus- Economically motivated, new business opportunities drive technology, profits and employment, “hour of tierce’’ refers to a time for devotion, expects all natives to become Spaniards, Christians, and clothed. Confucius- Laissez- faire “let do”. Socialism depends on the natural course of things. Leader= manager. Goodness is something that must have its source in the ruler himself; it cannot be got from others. Let the prince be a prince, the minister a minister, the father a father, and the son a son Defoe- agreed w/ Pacioli on fundamental means of keeping books. As every transaction is incurred, it should be recorded in the books at the very time of the transaction Emerson- matter pays her debt (Lorax), no inheritance, artifice=craftiness, probity=integrity, pernicious=ruinous Faust- motivated by great works, vision to build dykes in the Netherlands, Baucus and Philemon are against Faust’s proposal, but decide to “think about it”, doesn’t believe the “ends justify the means”, Worry eventually blinded him Ford- "If a device would save in time just 10% or increase results by 10%, then its absence is always a 10% tax" he means. .. if you know
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cheat sheet - Aristotle- natural form of acquisition is...

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