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athens - began to plume himself on his chances of becoming...

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In Herodotus' The Histories one event which he references several times is the attempted overthrowing of Athens. To do this, several figures attempt to takeover the Acropolis; the political center of Athens, however all attempts are thwarted by the Athenians and gives the image of them as defenders of the earliest democracy. Herodotus first writes of this in Book I when he tells of Pisistratus and his attempted seizure of the Acropolis. He writes of a similar attempt at rebellion later on his works as well when he tell about Cleomenes and the Spartans trying to exile Cleisthenes and the accursed and explains how the accursed got their name from their killing of Cylon. Herodotus writes "This man
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Unformatted text preview: began to plume himself on his chances of becoming tyrant of Athens, and, with that end in view, collected a band of friends and tried to seize the Acropolis." (V, 71). The notes of The Histories also say that "Cylon's attempt at tyranny is the earliest event we know from Athenian history" (qtd. in Herodotus, 659). This portrait Herodotus paints of the Athenians as so resistant to tyranny, including that of the Spartans, reinforces the view of them as the most democratic peoples of Greece, and of the early Western world....
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