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Unformatted text preview: Physics 120 Spring 2008 Problem Set 1 due Monday, February 11 Instructions: Write out complete solutions to the following problems. Be sure to make a sketch of the situation where appropriate and show all the important mathematical steps leading to your final answer. Also, in each case, evaluate your result. (Is the numerical value of your answer realistic, i.e., not unreasonably large or small? Are the units correct?) 1. A novice golfer takes three putts to get his ball into the hole once he is on the green. The first putt displaces the ball 8.0 m north, the second 4.0 m southwest (45 south of west), and the third 1.0 m at 30 south of east. A good golfer would have needed only one putt. What displacement was needed to get the ball into the hole on the first putt? (Indicate the distance of the putt, in m, and the direction of the putt.) 2. An automobile of mass 1500 kg and a truck of 4000 kg collide at an intersection. Just before the collision the automobile was traveling north at 80 km/h and the truck was traveling east at 50 km/h. After the collision both vehicles remain joined together. What is the velocity (magnitude and direction) of the vehicles immediately after collision? 3. Jeff, mass 75 kg, and Carrie, mass 55 kg, sit at opposite ends of a 4.0mlong canoe. The canoe has a mass of 40 kg and is at rest in still water. Feeling lonely, Jeff gets up and carefully moves to the opposite end of the canoe to sit beside Carrie. As a result of this maneuver, Jeff and Carrie notice that the center of the canoe moved relative to a tree limb sticking out of the water. How far did the canoe move? (Hint: You may assume that the system of Jeff, Carrie, and the canoe can be treated as an isolated system. Start by setting up an appropriate coordinate system and determine the location of the center of mass before Jeff moved.) ...
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