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Unformatted text preview: Physics 120 Spring 2008 Answers to Problem Set 3 1. The final temperature of the instruments is about 27 C (or 300 K) just a few degrees above room temperature. They will be safe to touch. 2. (A) The total kinetic energy of the hollow sphere will be about 38.1 J after it has rolled 2.0 m up the ramp. (B) The center of mass of the sphere will be moving at a speed of 4.42 m/s. 3. Don't fight the ticket. You were traveling at about 43 mi/hr (19 m/s) before you hit the brakes. Your speed was well above the posted speed limit. 4. The rotational kinetic energy of the Ferris wheel, fully loaded and rotating at 1 rev 6 every 2 minutes, is about 1.2 x 10 joules. ...
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