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CSC121B – Computer Science 1 Q Fall 2007 Instructor : Khadija Stewart Office : 273 Julian Science Center Email : Phone : (765)658-5030 Meeting times: TR 10AM-11:50AM Classroom : Julian 109 Office hours : TR 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM M 9:00 AM - 11:30 AM Additional hours TBA Course description: This is a course in which students are introduced to several broad areas of computer science as a means to motivate problem solving using tools of the discipline: design of algorithms, representation of data, and implementation of algorithms as computer programs. Areas studied include graphics and graphical user interfaces, modeling and simulation, artificial intelligence, and information management. Interesting and relevant programming projects are written in a computer language that supports object-oriented design and programming. More general topics dealing with the history of computing and related ethical issues are also considered. This course or its equivalent is a prerequisite for anyone who will major or minor in computer science. Course content: It is important to understand that no one resource provides all of the content for the course. We will rely on the textbook, but lectures will often contain material that will not be in the text. Likewise the labs will often contain material that is neither in the textbook nor the lecture. So, to get the most from this course you should actively participate in all of its parts. Language: We will be using the modern approach of object oriented programming and design within the popular Java programming environment. Java can be used to write desktop applications and various applications associated with the World Wide Web. Textbook: Objects First with Java: A practical introduction using BlueJ Publisher: Prentice Hall, ISBN: 0 13 197629 X Course Web Site: Schedule of topics: See the course web site
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Attendance You are expected to attend every class period and I will be taking attendance everyday. If you have a legitimate reason to miss a class, please try to inform me ahead of time. If
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syllabus2 - CSC121B Computer Science 1 Q Fall 2007...

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