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Rhetorical Essays for Class Matters Essay #1 (pg. ix-26): In the essay "Shadowy Lines that Still Divide," do authors Janny Scott and David Leonhardt include an explicit thesis; does it reference all the major points made in the body of this chapter, or should it be adjusted? Please explain your answers in detail and quote from the text to help you support your arguments. Essay#2 (pg. 27-50): What device does the author use to draw you into this chapter? Is it effective in getting your attention? Does it directly set up the thesis of this section of the book? Please respond in detail to the questions, and quote from the text to support your claims. Essay#3 (pg. 51-72): Chose one of the two assigned essays; then determine whom the audience is by examining the word choices, references, and underlying beliefs in this chapter. Be sure to indicate the most specific readership you can from the clues resting within the text itself. Essay#4 (pg. 87-110): From the reading , pick one finite evidence and discuss its positive and negatives in
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