New Business Order

New Business Order - New Business Order (1869) Gilded...

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Unformatted text preview: New Business Order (1869) Gilded age-Age or railroads*Daniel Drew, Jay Gould, Jim Fist teamed up against Vanderbilt* John D. Rockefeller(oil) manipulated RR*Andrew Carnegie(steel) *JP Morgan(banking) offered Carnegie 450 million for steel business- he took it New Working Class-South Sharecropping/tenant farmers*Henry Grady New South ask northern business men for help* Plessey V. Ferguson, Jim Crow laws* Terrence V. Powderly-Knights of Labor-dont like capitalism-let all women and races in-no strikes*Samuel Gompers-American Federation of Labor-skilled workers-hated som-large- strikes*Som influences-Germans(trade) 48ers, Russian Jews* anarchy-Haymarket Rebellion-Alexander assassination Immigrants Religious reasons, economic, political, promotion*Ellis Island-medical inspections, Trachoma test* Jewish settlement-Striji, Galico*Hester Street, NYC*90% of Jews settled in NYC Struggle of the West Story of 6-shooter*Texas problem*Samuel Colt*search for water* long drive *Abilene*humanitarians* The...
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