assignment #2 Federalism

assignment #2 Federalism - Federalism The National...

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Federalism The National Government should not, and has no right to, get more involved in education policies. I completely do not support the “No Child Left Behind” Act. Coming from a future elementary school teacher who has taken many courses on child development, I feel the national government has no right to set standards for students. Each and every student is their individual and each and every single student learns in a different way. You can’t ask students to take a test to see how smart they are. Some students completely freeze up during tests, although they know the correct answer. Students fail tests all the time because of the pressure put on them when in reality they know what is being taught and can understand it. I think President Bush was way out of line when he enabled the NCLB Act. I believe the states should be able to create their own standards especially when it comes to financial areas. Not all states can provide the same high quality texts and top of the line technology to their students. With this being
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assignment #2 Federalism - Federalism The National...

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