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9/19/2007 1 Intro to Organismal Biology 9/19/07 Announcements 2 1. Please bring laptops to lab this week 2. Lab manuals given out in class Today’s class Quiz #1: Please put all notes and books away and take out a pen/pencil/calculator Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium: Class data Evolutionary mechanisms: not just natural selection (Relevant reading: Ch. 23, 51 pp.1129-1130) 3 Hardy-Weinberg Theorem Describes a hypothetical population that is NOT evolving (i.e., no genetic change). ( p + q ) * ( p + q ) = p 2 + 2 pq + q 2 = 1 allele freqs. allele freqs. Genotype freqs. in male gametes female gametes next generation p 2 + 2 pq + q 2 = 1 Homozygotes Heterozygotes Homozygotes Allele #1 Allele #2 4 Class data: Tongue-rolling trait Ability to roll tongue is controlled by a dominant allele Assuming our class is representative of the general population, what data do we need to determine allele and genotype frequencies for this trait? 5
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091907_EvolutionaryMechanisms2 - Intro to Organismal...

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