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1 9/24/07 Intro to Organismal Biology Announcements 2 Two different Biology Department surveys both very short! Lab 2 Assignments due this week: 1. (see syllabus): -Upload file to Turn-it-in folder under “Assignments” on Blackboard AND hand in paper copy in lab 2. Figures & Stats (listed at end of lab in manual) Today’s class What is a species? What keeps different species separate? Process of speciation: Allopatric Sympatric Tempo of speciation (Relevant reading: Ch. 24) 3 What IS a species? What criteria do we use to define species? Biological species concept (Mayr): A population or group of populations whose members have the potential to interbreed and produce viable, fertile offspring 4 How do species become distinct? Reproductive isolating mechanisms 1. Pre zygotic : before fertilization 2. Post zygotic : after fertilization 5 Reproductive isolation: Prezygotic 6 Habitat isolation Temporal isolation Behavioral isolation Mechanical isolation Gametic isolation
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092407_Speciation - Intro to Organismal Biology...

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