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9/7/2007 1 Intro to Organismal Biology 9/6/07 1 Announcements 2 1. Change in Dr. Liebert’s office hours Mondays 3-4, Thursdays 9:30-11:20 2. Lab #1 pre-lab assignment, announcements, etc. now on BB: http://framingham.blackboard.com 3. Check that your email address on BB is correct. Today’s class 1. Biology: the study of life 2. The “scientific method” 4 Biology is the study of LIFE What does it mean to be “alive”? 6 1. Order 2. Evolutionary adaptation 3. Response to environment 4. Regulation (Homeostasis) 5. Energy processing 6. Growth and development 7. Reproduction 7 Some Properties of Life Hierarchy of Living Things 8 Biology includes multiple levels of organization
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9/7/2007 2 Levels of Organization in Biology 9 10 All parts of earth that support life A community of organisms and its physical environment All populations that inhabit a particular area A localized group of organisms that belong to the same species Each individual living thing 7 Emergent Properties 11 Emergent Properties 12 “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” Each level of organization is a system with its own special properties. e.g.,
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090607_BioThemes&SciMethod - 1 Intro to Organismal...

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