Wilson Chapter 12 - Media

Wilson Chapter 12 - Media - Wilson Chapter 12 The Media...

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Wilson Chapter 12 – The Media Journalism in American Political History The Party Press 1. politicians created, sponsored, and controlled newspapers to further their interests 2. newspapers were small and expensive; circulated among the elite 3. if needed money, subsidies from the government 4. Hamilton - gazette The Popular Press 1. development of the high-speed rotary press 2. Associated Press – telegraphic dissemination of information to newspaper editors on a systemic basis; non-partisan, non-biased – to attract many readers 3. penny press – no longer needed support from the government 4. sensationalism: violence, romance, patriotism couples with exposes of government, political, business, and society 5. mass-readership newspapers created a common national culture Magazines of Opinion 1. yellow journalism – news taste for political reform and progressive movement 2. new market demanded this type of magazines 3. could now gain a nation-wide following 4. much competition thus needed sensationalism 5. new managers – less flamboyant 6. increased the power of editors and reporters Electronic Journalism 1. radio and TV- major change in the way news was gathered and disseminated 2. public officials could speak directly to audiences without their remarks being filtered through reporters and editors – reach readers on national scales 3. disadvantage: could ignore 4. less news can be carried on these media outlets – costs are huge
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Wilson Chapter 12 - Media - Wilson Chapter 12 The Media...

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