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Page 1 of 6 COURSE OUTLINE Instructor: Eileen Wrigley Semester/Session: Summer 2015 Course Number: CIT111 section SIN1 Course Title: Introduction to Programming: Java Course Credits: 4 credits Pre-requisite(s): Basic skills using a personal computer and operating system; eligibility for MAT090. It is assumed that students have basic computer skills which should include using the Windows operating system, use the task-bar to switch between applications; perform file and disk management functions using Windows Explorer including copying files and formatting disks; copy/paste content between and within documents; send and receive e- mail, and use a browser to access the Internet. Co-requisite(s): None Course Description: This course is an introduction to program design, analysis and programming fundamentals using the Java language. Topics include the software development process, problem solving techniques, simple language basics, data representation and storage, program control structures, classes and their methods. Learning Outcomes: Upon the completion of the activities in this course, the student should be able to: Use a Java integrated development environment (IDE) to design and implement applications on a computer. Apply basic problem-solving techniques to novel situations that are relatively similar to models introduced in the course. Use various data types by implementing them in the correct operations. Create simple graphical user interfaces (GUI) using Swing JOptionPane components. Use control structures in a Java application. Utilize class methods found in the Java application programming interface (API).
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