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Derek Gray Media Analysis 04-02-08 Is It In You? In 1965, some professors at the University of Florida created a new sports drink. Naming the drink after the football team’s mascot, Gatorade was created. The school’s officially Started using the sports drink in 1967, that year they went on to win their first Orange Bowl beating out there southern rival Georgia Tech. Upon the loss Georgia Tech’s head coach, Bud Carson, said "We didn’t have Gatorade. That made the difference." This got the NFL to look into the drink and the Kansas Chiefs head coach, Hank Stram, was great friends with Florida’s head coach, Ray Graves. Graves supplied Stram with large amounts of Gatorade; in the 1969 season the Chiefs won the super bowl and gave some of the credit to this amazing sports drink from Florida. After this victory almost all of the teams in the NFL were using this drink. It spread so fast in the early 1980’s it had its own part on the football field, the winning team takes a cooler full of Gatorade and dumps it on their coach, The Gatorade Shower, it is still used at the end of every game. With all this instant success of Gatorade, everyone was drinking it and it seemed to be producing. Today it is the drink of the: NHL, NFL, MLB, WNBA, NBA, US soccer, including many other college and minor leagues. With all these professional sports leagues jumping on the drink it is not surprising how fast the average person jumped on this drink. Leading the world as an energy drink it is not surprising that they have amazing commercials, with the latest hot player signing with Gatorade means they can appear in commercials and Gatorade will pump the commercials out like nothing.
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Media Analysis final copy - Derek Gray Media Analysis...

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