02-26-08 - -Humpty dumpty-ism = What we say is what we mean...

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-1Philosophy 1000 02-26-08 -Midterm on 03/11(Written) 03/12(multiple choice) -Bring books -Final Exam is on May 3 rd at 7:30 am -Extra credit paper due on March 5 th in recitation -Rapture paper due tomorrow II Brief Recap- Compatibilism A. B. Stace -Says the problem with freewill is a somatic problem -We don’t know what he words free will mean -When we define them correctly, we have nothing to worry about
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Unformatted text preview: -Humpty dumpty-ism = What we say is what we mean- If the community comes to a conclusion, it should be correct-Free = Internal to the agent-Un free = External to the agent IV Radical Libertatriamism- Albritlon-There is nothing that is out of our free will- Even if we are tied to a chair, out Will is still free-There is no such thing as doing something against ones will???...
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